Selling your Home

I specialize in selling homes that were on the market before but didn't sell - EXPIRED  

My first sale was in 2004, a home that had expired on the market. The award winning agent didn't get the job done. I was a clueless and unknown rookie and got the job done.

In 2014 I published the book "How to sell a home that didn't sell the first time".

I train other agents throughout the US that want to learn this specialty within real estate.

Enough blather about me, now, why are you here?? Are you ready to get your home SOLD this time?


Unless you have experienced the pain of having your home expire on the market, you probably won't be a good fit for us. Our ideal client has been let down by a "nice" agent that didn't get the job done - that way you'll be more comfortable with my blunt communication style, most likely the result of joining the US Coast Guard at age 17 and spending too many years in there. We are results driven and refuse to work with homesellers that aren't serious about getting their home sold.

If you are ready to sell, give a call at 207.221.7708 and we'll see if we are a good fit.